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Frandor - History

The Frandor Shopping Center has been a mainstay of the Greater Lansing Area for over 65 years. In fact, according to Shopping Mall News, Frandor is Michigan’s oldest operating mall having outlasted several longstanding malls.

Thank you for helping us make and continue the legacy that is Frandor!


What's in a name?

The name “Frandor” is a portmanteau of the first names of the owner and developer, Francis Corr and his wife, Dorothy.

Short and to the point.

The original purchase agreement for Frandor was drawn up on a notebook sheet of paper between Francis J. Corr and Robert Le Moyne on Feb. 14, 1953.

A family affair.

Since the beginning, the Corr Family has been part of the ownership and management of Frandor Shopping Center. It is now in the third generation of Corr management. 

Through the Years

Frandor has a rich history of events and retail stores that bring fond memories back for residents of Greater Lansing. View our photo gallery and check out Tom Crawford’s video trips down Frandor’s Memory Lane.

We’d like to thank our partners Lormax Stern who helped redevelop Frandor in 1998 and continue to be wonderful partners to this day. You can learn more about Lormax Stern at www.lormaxstern.com.

Frandor Video Gallery - Featuring Tom's Take

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People love Frandor

David Stutz

Went to the Taco Bell. Always tastes great. Idk about the rest since I didn’t visit anywhere else while passing through

David Stutz

Sherry Trafford

Petco is nice but when they did my dog’s toenails the leash was a little to tight now she’s having problems breathing so I am at MSU Veterinary hospital

Sherry Trafford

Phil Damico

Good place to shop lots of different stores. A lot of construction happening currently though but that’s Michigan in the warm seasons for you

Phil Damico

Dianne Wassa

Clean, offers many parking spaces! Lots of retail and restaurants! All easy to get too! If you like to walk this would he a good area

Dianne Wassa

Violet Paradise

Great selection of stores with quite a variety. Parking is good and the whole set up is quite convenient.

Violet Paradise

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